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Due to COVID19 and travel restrictions, our hand has regrettably been forced to postpone our current schedule for the time being.  Unfortunately, we will not be migrating back East in 2020.  Our schedule is therefore a work in progress, working with our current bookings to ensure they are catered for at first instance.  I have therefore removed the schedule until it can be reinstated.

Please contact the Ratu Motu Torquay Office for the most current status of the schedule +61 407315538 or +613 52610304 or email or


To give you an idea of what it may cost for you to take a charter with Ratu Motu, an example of a 10 night charter can be viewed here. Once again, it is always best to discuss your requirements with our office so that you can be sure to receive a custom charter which may have a different cost to this example.


 We are offering individual cabins for sale. Charters range from 9 to 11 nights with a cabin to suit all budgets. Please note that if at least 6 cabins do not sell, it will not be a guaranteed departure.

For further information regarding a cabin trip booking, contact your favourite surf charter agent, or send me an email


Register your interest by completing the Enquiry Form below, or simply contact our Ratu Motu Torquay Office and we will reply back to your enquiry within 24 – 48 hours. Feel free to call or email


Our booking team will contact you within 24 hours to further discuss your booking enquiry. Please note that our offices are open 8am – 3pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC + 10 hours).